The GREAT Liver Pâté Round Up

Liver Pate Round Up

Living the Autoimmune Protocol way for over 3 years now, has taught me lots. And lots and lots!

Some of it has become second nature – I think my vegetable consumption has at least tripled. I’m religious about reading labels. I know exactly where my meat comes from (I even know the farmers who are responsible for it).

But as much as I personally love liver – and I do, especially liver pâté- somehow I need to remind myself to eat it more regularly. I’m not exactly sure just why this is. Liver is so easy to prepare.

And I know how good liver is for me, too…

Do you know just what a nutritional powerhouse liver is?

I’ve written about this before, but it definitely bears repeating – In general, organ meats are between the crucible essay assignment arginine plus cialis side argument persuasive essay topic ideas lamb piece essay dar 2009 essay contest go to site sintomas de sobredosis de viagra 3 day cialis finding a form essays mastercard generic viagra go site go how to write a good essay for university go to site how to block spam email on my ipad essay on cow in telugu wikipedia examples of letters to the editor of a newspaper a tale of two cities essay doubles how to write stories free essays online for kids nhd thesis examples 2019 write my psychology thesis james joyce araby essays essays underlined mla click here cialis come va usato cialis lasts 48 hours 10 and 100 times higher in nutrients than corresponding muscle meats? (i)

Sarah Ballantyne Quote



Sarah Ballantyne, The Paleo Mom herself,  recommends incorporating organ meat into your diet at least twice per week.

Liver is known to be one of the most concentrated sources of vitamin A of any foods. The great Chris Kresser even refers to it as ‘nature’s most potent superfood’. Liver also contains loads of important vitamins and minerals, is an outstanding source of Vitamin D, Vitamin B12 (and other B-Vitamins), copper, potassium, magnesium, phosphorous, manganese, and iron, which is in a form that is particularly easily absorbed and used by the body. These nutrients provide the body with some of the tools it needs to get rid of toxins.

In short, we should be eating more liver!

One of the easiest ways to get this nutrient-dense and strapping protein into our diets is with pâté. I grew up on the stuff  (my Mum’s chicken liver pâté is the stuff of legends in our house). But even if you didn’t have regular doses of home-made liver pâté available to you in your childhood like me – this is a really great vehicle for eating liver if you’re a little bit tentative or new to the idea of eating offal.

Pâté allows you to hide the liver flavor behind herbs, spices and other ingredients.

Chicken Liver Pate



My friend Rachael, from the Meatified blog and author of one of my favorite AIP-friendly cookbooks, ‘Nourish’, is responsible for my very favorite AIP-friendly chicken liver pâté. She calls it her, ‘Ultimate Liver Hater’s Pâté’. Unfortunately for you, since this particular recipe features in her lovely cookbook, you’ll need to pick up a copy (TOTALLY worth the investment, if you ask me!) – if you’d like to make her scrummy pâté number. Or, you can try another Rachael-recipe below.

Pâté also freezes well. So you can whip up a batch (or, two – if you’re like me) and freeze it in individual portions. Rachael’s got a great How to Freeze Pâté post if you’d like a few more details.

Since liver is so good for us, and pâté is such a tasty and easy way to eat more of this good stuff, I’ve put together a comprehensive list of Autoimmune Protocol-friendly and reintroduction recipes. Just to make life a little easier!
Why not try one of these recipes today?

Autoimmune Protocol-friendly Liver Pâté Recipes

Chicken Liver Pâté (low FODMAP) from Laura at Sweet Treats

Chicken Liver Pâté 101 (SCD) from Martine at Eat, Heal, Thrive

Chicken Liver and Duck Fat Pâté from Cristina at The Castaway Kitchen

Easy Chicken Liver Pâté from Kelly at A Girl Worth Saving

Herbed Chicken Liver Pâté (low FODMAP) from Gabriella at Beyond the Bite

Bacon Chicken Liver Pâté from Shannon at Shannon Werner

Chicken Liver Pâté with Mushrooms and Bacon from Martine at Eat, Heal, Thrive

Chicken Liver Pâté with Orange and Cloves from Angie at Paleomantic

Duck Liver Pâté from the Paleo Pumpkin

Lamb Liver Pâté with Lime and Blueberries from Maria at Zesty Paleo 

Pork Liver and Bacon Pâté from Jo at Comfort Bites

Pork Liver, Cider and Apriciot Pâté from Jo at Comfort Bites

Bacon-Beef Liver Pâté with Rosemary and Thyme from Mickey and Angie at Autoimmune Wellness (*This one is Emma’s favourite!)

Beef Liver Pâté with Bacon and Rosemary by Jaime at Gutsy by Nature

Beef Liver Pâté with Strawberries, Basil and Balsamic from Kate at Healing Family Eats 

Beef Liver Pâté with Balsamic Caramelized Onions from Erin at Enjoying this Journey

Rich and Creamy Dairy-Free Beef Liver Pâté with Blueberry Jelly from Amanda at The Curious Coconut (omit black pepper for AIP)

Blueberry Balsamic Beef Liver Pâté (low-FODMAP) from the Primalist

Avocado and Beef Liver Pâté from Michelle at Unbound Wellness

Asian Beef Liver Pâté from Gabriella at Beyond the Bite

Healing AIP Liver Pâté from Alex at D.I.G. Primal

Herb & Garlic Liver Pâté from Bethany at The Emancipated Epicure

Liver Pâté from Sarah at The Paleo Mom

Liver Pâté from Jen and Carrie at My Big Fat Grainfree Life

AIP Reintroduction Liver Pâté Recipes

Paleo Chicken Liver Pâté from Simone at Zenbelly (contains dairy, seed spices and alcohol)

Chicken Liver Mousse from Danielle at Against All Grain (contains nuts, seed spices and alcohol)

My Mum’s WORLD FAMOUS in NEW ZEALAND Chicken Liver Pâté from yours truly at Joanna Frankham (contains dairy, seed spices and alcohol)

Silky-Smooth Chicken Liver Pâté from Mark’s Daily Apple (contains seed spices and dairy)

Creamy, Dreamy Chicken Liver Pâté from Sonia at the Healthy Foodie

Chicken Liver Paté from Diane at Balanced Bites (contains seeds, dairy and seed spices)

Breakfast Chicken Liver Pâté from Lauren at Primal Palate (contains eggs and seed spices)

Keto Rosemary Balsamic Chicken Liver Pâté from Leanne at Healthful Pursuit (contains seed spices)

“I Can’t Believe it’s Liver!” Duck Liver, Thyme and Orange Pâté from yours truly at Joanna Frankham (contains dairy and alcohol)

Simple Liver Pâté from Naomi at Almost Bananas (contains dairy and seed spices)

Easy Liver Pâté from Jane at Jane’s Healthy Kitchen (contains seed spices)

Old World Lamb Liver Pâté from Selva at Poppies and Papaya (contains dairy and seed spices)

Buffalo Liver Pâté from Marla at Paleo Porn (contains dairy and nightshade spices)

Do YOU have a favorite way to eat liver? We’d love to know your preferred recipe… Let us know in th comments



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    • Joanna Frankham says:

      Hi Ellen – Here in Australia, liver pate from pasture-raised animals can sometimes be found in nose-to-tail butcher shops. It is very important that you check the ingredients – especially if you are on a healing diet.

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