The Reintroduction Process: Creating Your Baseline

Creating your reintro baseline

We often gain awareness through a baseline comparison between now and next.
― Sharon Weil

Today’s post is short and sweet.

But, it is a very important step in your personal AIP experience, not least because of all the effort you have given to your elimination phase of the protocol.

Today we discuss the importance of establishing your baseline…

What is a baseline, anyway?

In terms of the Reintroduction Process of your Autoimmune Protocol (AIP) experience, the baseline refers to where your health is at the start of your reintroduction phase.

The baseline is the standard against which you will measure all subsequent changes that occur during your reintroduction process. (They’re called baselines because they’re usually shown as lines in graph form so as to easily show changes over time.)

Why is a baseline important?

Baseline Question

Your baseline functions as a basis of measure so you have a reference point; something to tell you what ‘normal’ looks like at the start of your reintro’ phase.

Establishing your baseline is a key exercise before you begin reintroducing food. Without it, how will you truly be able to tell whether or not your body reacts to any given food you try?

Your baseline allows you to confidently ask:- “Do I feel better, worse or the same after consuming today’s reintroduction?”

If you have an efficient daily food and mood diary practice* in place, establishing your baseline is a straight forward exercise.

To assess whether or not any given reintroduction has been successful, one of the first things you’ll need to do is figure out how much the different factors – symptoms, mood and energy levels – you’re considering are at your baseline.

It’s not just about the food!

When we start thinking about the reintroduction process, it’s very easy to use focus all our attention on physical symptoms. Whatever flavor our personal autoimmune disease takes – a flare in symptoms that we associate with our illness is the most obvious indicator that a reintroduced food is not our friend.

And, these are important – but, so are slightly less tangible feelings of mood and energy levels; poor sleep and a change in bathroom habits.

Establishing your baseline is a critical step in the reintroduction phase of your Autoimmune Protocol.

This post is the fourth in The Reintroduction Process series. The first can be found here. The next post in the series – Planning and Preparation – can be found here.

*Check out this post for more details on keeping a food and mood diary


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