Introducing the Autoimmune Healing N=1 Workbook Kit + Giveaway

N=1 Workbook Kit

Emma and I established Conscious Autoimmunity to support the ongoing management of living a lifestyle using The Autoimmune Protocol as a template. We recognise that we each have unique histories, genetics, environments, and patterns of responding. That’s why we believe in AIP as a template, and also why standardized approaches to our health issues can, at times, have limited effectiveness.

Today, I’m talking to my friend and podcast partner, Petra Chambers-Sinclair from Biohack U about the Autoimmune Healing N=1 Workbook Kit – a resource that enables you to find the strategies that work for you. The N=1 Workbook Kit helps you to personalize your health strategy, safely and effectively.

I think it’s a great resource.

But, I figure Petra can explain it so much better than me. So, without further ado…

Jo – “Petra, before we get into talking about your amazing Autoimmune Healing n=1 Workbook Kit, perhaps you can first explain the premise of Biohack U?”

Petra “Biohack U supports personalization. One thing that Matthew and I have learned through all the years that we have been experimenting with different strategies and protocols is that everyone responds differently. We are all unique. Therefore many of us need a custom-designed approach to heal. Biohack U is a platform designed to support the process of finding that individualized approach.”

Jo –  “Can you explain the core workbook framework? What exactly is the process and how did it come about?”

Petra  “The basic framework follows the scientific method. It is designed to be effective even at the simplest level, for people who are really unwell and are unable to manage complex strategies. It includes additional methodologies that can be layered in at each stage, once people are familiar with the basic approach and are ready to add some new tools to their kit.

We designed this approach over seven years through experimenting on Matthew after he became disabled by autoimmune disease. He was so compromised back then that it had to be really simple.

We needed a way to figure out what to focus on when there was so much conflicting information online and from his various doctors.

We just kept refining the method over the years. For example, we learned the hard way that we needed to build a risk assessment into the process, after we did some pretty serious harm to Matthew a couple of times. We also added in a few really effective assessments that enable users to zero=in on high-leverage strategies and ensure that they are able to follow through with whatever they decide to do.”

Jo – “I know a little about your background. You are uniquely positioned to design and facilitate a concept like this. Perhaps you can share a little with our readers?”

Petra “Well, I love doing research in complex adaptive systems. That’s where my background is, professionally and educationally. Measurement, evaluation and systems analysis. Stuff that very few people get excited about, but that’s my passion.

Before I quit my job to launch Biohack U, I focused on community-level systems. Now I focus on individuals as complex systems. We are complex systems living in complex systems, right? And we are changing and evolving and the systems we live in (families, organizations, communities, nations, ecologists) are all evolving and adapting all the time, too. Nothing is static and everything is interconnected.

It’s a different way of looking at health and healing than what we have been used to through the Eurowestern medical perspective, but the two approaches can be very compatible. I love bringing them together and using the strengths of both.

Most of our readers come to us from an AIP template. Specifically, how can the Biohack U model work for us? Is it compatible?”

The n=1 approach is simply about finding what works. You can absolutely use it with the AIP. We do at our house every day.

You can use it if you are having a hard time getting started with the AIP, if you are having trouble sticking with the AIP, if you need to troubleshoot your AIP or want to customize it. You can also use it to reintroduce foods into your protocol.

You can use it whether or not you are taking medication. It just helps you figure out what works. For you.

Jo – “Can you give us a real-life example of a ‘challenge’?”

Petra “Sure! How about Matthew’s mysterious and debilitating nausea? That’s a complex challenge.

His nausea started in 2013 and it didn’t respond to the AIP. All of his autoimmune symptoms improved on the AIP, but the nausea didn’t.

We did some research and found the low-FODMAP diet. We ran an experiment and learned that it helped Matthew manage the symptoms, which was good, but it didn’t address the root cause.

Matthew’s Functional Medicine Doctor consulted with Functional GI specialists internationally, and came up with two different treatment protocols, the first one was designed to treat tenacious yeast. That experiment reduced Matthew’s nausea but didn’t eradicate it/

There were a few other experiments in there that had no effect. I’ll just skip over those.

Then there was an experiment to treat for Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO), which enabled Matthew to eat higher FODMAP foods, but had no effect on the nausea.

The next experiment Matthew ran was with CBD oil. That was really effective for helping him to manage the symptoms, but when he would do an ABABAB trial with it (putting it in and then taking it out repeatedly), the symptoms always came back when he wasn’t taking it. Nevertheless, he was able to manage the sympom for the first time, which was a real win.

The most recent experiment might be the most promising of all.

Matthew has been on a low-oxalate diet for two weeks and is experiencing relief not only of nausea but also reduced joint pain, improved mood and better brain function. It’s early to report the results, as it’s a 6-week experiment that is only 1/3 complete, but so far the results are encouraging.

The Autoimmune Healing n=1 Workbook Kit comes with 10 sample n=1 experiments to help people who are new to this approach to get started. It also supports the process of researching potential strategies and figuring out what to try next. Not every health issue will be as difficult as Matthew’s weird, undiagnosed nausea, but the method is robust enough to handle situations that resist diagnoses and cause doctors to give up (which they all did in Matthew’s case).”

Jo – “What if somebody wants one-on-one coaching in N=1 and how how it applies to them?”

Petra “We offer coaching by skype to support people if they need it. The Autoimmune Healing n=1 Workbook Kit is designed to walk people through the process one step at a time in a self-directed way, but sometimes it is helpful to have someone else on the team to help design an experiment, analyze results or troubleshoot.”

Jo – “How much does it cost?”

Petra “The Autoimmune Healing n=1 Workbook Kit costs $24.95. The price may go up to 29.95 in a few months, but we want to keep it accessible for people who are struggling with their health. We know first-hand how devastating that can be on so many levels, including financially.”

If you’d like to learn more about the N=1 Workbook Kit (or if you’re ready to pick one up!) head on over to Biohack U to learn more by clicking here. (You’ll even see a testimonial from me!)

BiohackU Workbook Giveaway


We have a (digital) copy of THE AUTOIMMUNE HEALING N=1 WORKBOOK KIT from BIOHACK U for one lucky subscriber!

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8 thoughts on “Introducing the Autoimmune Healing N=1 Workbook Kit + Giveaway

  1. Theresa Mahle says:

    I am really interested in this. I suffer from multiple autoimmune disease’s and I am struggling with getting started on AIP. I have many books on AIP and Paleo and just feel overwhelmed to start. This sounds like a great approach to figure out what is right for me…less of a blanket program.

    • Joanna Frankham says:

      Hello Theresa – one suggestion for you – if diving in head first is too big to consider (and we get that!), start where you are. Could you start with removing gluten and changing all your cooking oils to healthy options? – would that be do-able?

      Good luck!

  2. LaraM says:

    I would also love to have a copy! After 17 months of AIP I still have symptoms that don’t improve with the AIP diet and life-style and I would love to have a guide that helps me figuring things out.

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