June: A Few of Our Favorite Things

June_Things We Love

“It ain’t no fun if the homies can’t have none.”  – Snoop Dogg

We’re with Snoop. As health coaches, both Emma and Jo often come across new (and existing) products and services that enhance this AIP lifestyle we’re living in some way.

Since we reckon we should take some time to share the love, this is the second in our A Few of Our Favorite Things series. (You can find the first here.)

Because if we love ’em, you just may, too…

Oh! – and, if you have a product that you’d like us to check out, why not drop us a line at admin@conscious-autoimmunity.com?


Healing Green Broth

The very delightful Stephanie from Fresh Tart has a 30-day Healing Green Broth challenge. And, it’s free!

Jo undertook the challenge and loved it so much this nutrient dense Healing Green Broth number (HGB for short!) has become part of her daily routine. Full of goodness, Stephanie’s HGB foundation recipe is simple to prepare and SUPER good for you. But – as part of the challenge, you are sent a whole bunch of even more healing, gut-friendly and tasty alternative recipes to try, too.

We think the Healing Green Broth challenge ROCKS! Why not sign up here?

What we especially love:

While it’s not strictly true that it only takes 30 days to start a habit, the way this little mug of goodness makes you feel, this number has the potential to become a permanent part of your day!

Sweet Potato Awesome

Seasoned sweet potato slices with organic virgin coconut oil, sea salt organic garlic granules and organic dill weed – Dilliciously Awesome was the first savory flavor that Sweet Potato Awesome developed, and they are a diamond in the rough of savory snackage!

Other AIP flavors are Original Awesome, (which has a sweet cinnamon combo going on) and Flat out Awesome. Absolutely amazing and – oh, did we mention awesome?


What we especially love:

They taste AWESOME!

BOOKS – hardcover, e-version and audio

The Breathing Book

Jo is making her way through this – Donna Fahri’s ‘The Breathing Book‘. Slowly and with much controlled and focused breathing…! 

It’s a practical guide to reestablishing proper breathing techniques, it comes with loads of images to support all the suggested practices.

Breathing (and breath work) is closely aligned with managing our stress levels. Winner!

What we especially love:

Dr Andrew Weil, noted integrative doctor, believe that if his patients did nothing but implement a breathing practice, their health would improve. We’re giving that theory a read hot go!


Healing Protocols – The Global Edition

A shameless plug for Jo’s collaborative Healing Protocols podcast project with Petra from BiohackU and Rory from The Paleo PI because this episode features none other than The Paleo Mom, herself!

Sarah shares how she used her fascination with science (i.e. geekiness!) to turn her Hashimotos, Fibromyalgia, Rheumatoid Arthritis, obesity, IBS and autoimmune skin conditions into a worldwide movement for healing autoimmune disease.

She explains what is different about the paleo Autoimmune Protocol; and assures us that even though she experimented on herself relentlessly while she was developing it, she didn’t become a comic book super villain…

What we especially love:

It will come as no surprise that what we love about this episode is that Sarah is indirectly responsible for Emma and Jo meeting! And, of course she is such a wealth of knowledge.

Don’t forget to let us know if there’s a product (or service) that you’re currently loving!

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