Video Review : Paleo Principles by Dr. Sarah Ballantyne

Just over a week ago, I saw the UPS guy s cost of having a business plan written india chlamydia buy pills onlin cialis magazine advertising essayer imparfait help with writing assignments check essays free online vega 100 no prescription does diovan contain iodine here viagra online kaufen paypal write a persusion paper follow url go site brainchildren a collection of essays go here levitra oro source link essays grievances third estate get link viagra how long in system follow site truggling up the driveway with what looked like a small yet heavy package.  I headed to the front door, and took the parcel, only to find it was way heavier than I possibly imagined.  I looked at the return address and knew immediately what a gift I had in my arms. The return address was Victory Belt Publishing and having watched many teasers from Sarah Ballantyne about her book, I was SO honored & excited to have been sent a review copy.   I started to flick through the pages, and my breath was simply taken away.  This was not only another labor of love & science for Sarah.  What I was looking at, I strongly believe, is a textbook that would start to be used to educate healthcare systems worldwide on the science behind how we can get our health back, without resorting to pharmaceutical intervention.

It is FULL of incredibly helpful and critical information about the Paleo Lifestyle and focuses not only on the framework of the diet but the rationale & science behind the framework, including Nutrient Density,  Macronutrients, Avoiding Toxins, What to eat & why and even delves into topics which haven’t yet had the science solidified and if I know Sarah she will be providing revisions as the science debunks or confirms hearsay.

I was chatting with Joanna, on our weekly call, and showing her on SkyPE just how much Sarah has packed in here, and flicking through the pages, and she said “How are you going to get all of that into a single blog post”  I pondered that question, and realizes that there was just so much to say, that I would have got carpel tunnel typing a mammoth post, so I opted to do a show and tell of Paleo Principles.

Have a listen to my review, and don’t hesitate to order your own copy.


Paleo Principles releases on November 7th, 2017 and is well worth the investment. To review a table of content, simply follow this link

To order your own copy simply follow this link (affiliate link)

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